Cornerstone students thrive when parents, grandparents, and community members invest their time and talents in them. We have lots of opportunities for volunteering, including in-class teacher assistance, tutoring, hot lunch prep and assistance, ski trip supervision, teaching unique subjects, and more. Please contact us and talk to our head teacher to find out where you fit. All volunteers must be cleared through the volunteer screening process (described below) before volunteering for the first time. 


Volunteer Screening

If you are planning to drive for field trips, help in the classroom, or volunteer in any capacity at Cornerstone Christian School, you must go through the Verified Volunteers training and screening. Share this info with any friends or family who volunteer at Cornerstone Christian School.

a.       Go to and click on the first-time registrant button.

b.      Select the Union (North Pacific) and Conference (Upper Columbia).

c.       Create a user ID and password you can easily remember.

d.      Provide the information requested (do not click "back" or your info will be lost).

e.      Select your primary location where you volunteer and click continue.

f.        Select your role within the organization (may choose multiple).

g.       Click on the green circle to begin the online training. Can take up to one hour.

h.      Print the certificate of completion.

i.         Upon completion of the online training, you will be instructed to complete a background check. (5-10 minutes)

j.        Review and complete the consent form.

k.       Confirm the information is correct and click submit. You will be notified via email once you've been successfully processed.