Adventist Screening Verification

Why do we screen our volunteers who work with children?

      • A child is abused in North America every 10 seconds.
      • There are over 3 million allegations made to law enforcement involving over 5 million children annually.
      • Churches typically do not understand the magnitude of abuse problems.
      • One in five churches in North America have reported allegations of child abuse in their ministries.
      • Churches and schools should be a safe place for children.

 "Because our society is filled with pain, problems and litigation caused by improper conduct of adults who work with children and youth...."

"The Seventh-day Adventist Church has a moral and civil duty to protect the children and youth entrusted to its care.  The local community also has an expectation that the church will provide a safe haven for children who participate in it's ministries."---North American Division (NAD) Working Policy, FB 20.


Directions for Volunteer Screening:

Adventist Screening Verification is the name of our new digital system for doing Volunteer Screening.  Why this change?

      • Adventist Screening Verification includes a thorough behavioral training program for volunteers who work with children.
      • Personal referencing will still be done.
      • Applicants can access the system from their personal computer at home at:
      • Criminal history checks will be done very quickly within the system.
      • Entire approval process will be done quickly and efficiently.
      • Adventist entities of the North American Division will have access to this same system for volunteer screening.

For this new system, simply go to the link found on the right side of this page, and go through the training and registration process on your own computer.  Please note: the old "paper forms" system is no longer accepted as part of the volunteer screening process.

Volunteers' Pledge

“Because I want the best possible environment for our children and youth ministries, it is important that we who work with children and youth have guidelines for conduct to protect both ourselves and those under our care.  As a ministry volunteer, I want parents and all others to feel comfortable, safe and confident with me.”--Adventist Risk Management, Inc.

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